• Swampoodle Park / WASHINGTON, DC

The 3rd and L Street NE Dog park is the first of many proposed parks in NoMa that are coming to fruition. Located at the corner of 3rd Street NE and L Street NE in a residential portion of the neighborhood, the site accommodates the wide range of users present in such a vibrant neighborhood. The design blurs the boundaries between public and private space, using a unique vertical play structure called the Wallholla, by Goric Playgrounds, as a defining element that is extrapolated into all areas of the park. The play structure is a sculpturally animated play space that has been custom configured to fit the small footprint of the park. At only 4 feet wide and 16 feet tall, this multi-level play structure challenges children to play at new heights. The largest portion of the site is dedicated to a dog park, which utilizes changes in grade and a custom agility element to give neighborhood dogs the opportunity to exercise, while providing space for their owners to socialize. The curved forms of the benches recall the design of the Wallholla and guide the arrangement of the play elements and planting. Those spaces in turn define each seating area, dog park entry, and play area as their own unique space to create a rich and diverse park within a small footprint.

Image Courtesy : NoMa Park Foundation