• Waterfront Park / WASHINGTON, DC

Waterfront Park is located on the south east end of the Wharf redevelopment site. The 3.2 acre site is adjacent to the historic Waterfront neighborhood and will support the passive open space needs of the surrounding community. The site will be transformed from a parking lot to a lush green space that includes open lawns with large shade trees that will frame vistas of the Washington Channel;ornamental planting beds with seasonal interest; accessible walking paths with canopy shade structures; a slow moving interactive fountain; bioretention areas with foot bridge crossings; and an open
event plaza.
Lee and Associates, in collaboration with Nelson Bryd and Associates and the Landscape Architecture Bureau,led a community engagement process; extensive tree preservation efforts for a row of 50 year old Willow Oaks that define the character of the park; a tree transplant effort of a 40in caliper Beech tree; the roadway and bridge hardscape design, the planting design, and low impact development strategic plans and details to retain and filter 100% of the runoff from the site and adjacent roadways.In addition, LAI prepared construction drawings for pedestrian bridges and vehicular paving areas.

Image Courtesy: PN Hoffman